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Frequently Asked Questions

[Q.] I'm a plus-sized gal and I'm not sure if boudoir is for me?

[A.] Boudoir photography is for EVERYONE and if you have "Dangerous Curves Ahead," shouldn't prevent you from this empowering and uplifting experience. In fact, it DEMANDS that you walk towards it and face your fears. PSA... I am a curvy woman as well.  I've been curvy for most of my adult life and I connect with your fears.  However, my favorite part of your boudoir experience is tearing those fears up and lighting them on fire when you see your final images. I don't want you to be happy.  I want you to be blown away.

[Q.] I'm not sure if I want to go fully nude in images. What are my options?

[A.] First and foremost, I want you to look sensual, sexy and classy, it doesn't mean we won't dip our toe into more risqué poses.  I'm not a photographer for Playboy or Penthouse and I don't shoot erotica, but I absolutely use shadow and light to shape an image and make the viewer want to see more, or what might be in the next frame.  We will go over your level of nudity.  However, clients often feel more bold in a session and you might ask to try a topless shot, or a "pleasure pose."  I will never pressure you into doing something you don't want to do, and I'll always keep those lines of communication open.  

[Q.] Do you have a studio or will you come to my home?

[A.] I shoot 99% of my sessions out of my private studio in Prescott KS.  I know and LOVE the light, and the images you see in my portfolio (typically) are a reflection of that space.  It's a cozy, comfortable, and safe.  It's spot for clients (who are feeling pretty vulnerable) to relax and let go.  We want you to rock out your session, and our amazing studio allows you to do just that. I will, on occasion shoot at a client's home or in a hotel setting.  In that case, you and I would consult in advance about your space (how to get it ready and free of clutter).  There are also additional fees that apply to shooting on location or in a hotel.  Just keep in mind that using our studio keeps your stress at a minimum and we have boundless champagne and snacks!

[Q.] I don't know how to pose, should I bring poses on a Pinterest Board?

[A.] I NEVER expect clients to walk into my studio with any amount of posing knowledge or practice.  None of the women you see on this site are professional models.  If you're on the hunt for a photographer, you should know if they use models or women without posing training like you.  The images you see on my site are women with desk jobs, they're cops, chefs, moms, dog-moms, and all kinds of girls-next-door.  Of course, you are welcome to practice your "sexy blue steel" in the mirror prior to rolling up to the studio, but it is not necessary or would I want you to stress about it.  Clients sometimes make suggestions of poses that they see on Pinterest and I will happily recreate them with a twist that represents my style.  When I'm reviewing the images that you Pin, I'm looking for a certain mood to the photos, or a theme. That way I can tailor your session and make it truly custom. 

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