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Let me show you how badass you are. 


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Reach out… send an email, text or better yet give me a call. We will talk about why you want to do this, product pricing, outfit ideas, the overall boudoir experience… you could even come by and I’ll show you around my studio. Then if you think we will be a good match we will set up a date and time to shoot.  

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Once you pay the $100 deposit and set a date you will arrive at the studio super excited and kinda nervous, camera ready or ready to be glammed up, depending on your session. Then I'll turn up the music and with all sorts of direction you will rock the shit out of my camera.  

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Your ordering appointment is a scheduled time for you, and whoever you'd like to invite, to meet me at my studio to see your photos for the first time! About a week after we shoot we will go through my product line, look at samples, and start narrowing down to your faves. I will help you through this process to make sure you get exactly what you want within budget!

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